Statement of Senator Steven M. Glazer (D-Contra Costa)

Senator Glazer Fills Vacancy in Contra Costa Senate Seat

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Glazer Sworn in by Governor Brown

Sacramento – Newly-elected State Senator Steven M. Glazer (D-Contra Costa) was sworn in today to represent Senate District 7. Glazer won a special election held last week to fill the vacancy of former Senator Mark DeSaulnier, who was elected to Congress. He released the following statement describing what drew him to public service as far back as his childhood in Sacramento:

"I was a 13-year old taking the bus on Freeport Boulevard to volunteer on a campaign for Governor in 1970 because I thought elections mattered.

Even at that age, I saw the struggle for civil rights, concerns about the war in Vietnam, and worries about nuclear proliferation. I gave my Bar Mitzvah speech expressing hope for my future contribution to a better world and a healthier environment.

I worked a minimum-wage job during high school sweeping floors at Orange Julius and cooking at JimBoy's Tacos just down the street from the Capitol. I was a bus boy during college to help pay the rent. After working in the State Capitol for a few years, I took a break and spent five months picking oranges and grapefruits in the orchards of a Kibbutz in Israel. I have great appreciation for all those who grow and harvest our food. I have always felt the pull of public service as the highest calling. And so I am here today humbled and honored to serve with some old and new friends in this State Senate.

I thank the members of the Senate for their warm welcome. I especially thank the voters of the 7th district for their trust in my ability to represent them in the Capitol of the greatest State in the Union."

Before his election to the State Senate, Glazer served in local government as a city council member, three-time mayor of the City of Orinda, and as a senior advisor to the Governor of the State of California. He and his wife have two daughters, and he is an alumnus of San Diego State University.

Senate District 7 is based in Northern California's Contra Costa and Alameda counties. The Northern portion of the District joins many Delta communities, while the Central and Southern portions link key Alameda & Contra Costa suburban communities with job centers.