Sen. Glazer Statement on Minimum Wage Hike

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sacramento – I voted today to support Senate Bill 3, a balanced plan that will lift millions out of poverty with a minimum wage increase while providing long-term stability and predictability for employers.

“The California minimum wage was established in 1916. There have been 27 increases over the past 100 years. Big spikes were followed with pauses, which has resulted in unpredictability and turmoil for businesses and workers.

“These minimum wage jobs are difficult and strenuous, and taking home a paycheck that cannot even cover rent, food and medicine is an unacceptable status quo.

“No bill is perfect, and we will need to carefully oversee its six-year phase-in to be sure it is achieving the desired results.”

SB 3 phases in gradual increases from the current $10 an hour rate to $15 by 2022. It provides an annual cost of living cap at 3.5 percent starting in 2024.