Ten new BART cars come on line after lengthy delays; one is already out of commission

Sen. Glazer: No confidence in new timeline for rollout of more cars

Monday, January 22, 2018


By Candice Nguyen

KTVU -- BART took one of its 10 new cars our of service Monday, just three days after debuting the new train, KTVU has confirmed. The new 10-car train will now operate as a nine-car train until further notice, according to a BART spokesman. This comes after years of problems with the "Fleet of the Future" project and Canadian manufacturer Bombardier.

"(BART) knew of all these technical issues when the cars were ordered," said State Senator Steve Glazer, a Democrat of Orinda, a strong critic of BART. "They're not new issues, so it's a rationalization of the delay, and that's why our confidence in BART is at such a low point."

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