Greater Voting Power Proposed for UC Students

Senator Glazer’s Constitutional Amendment would increase student representation on Board of Regents

Friday, April 16, 2021

SACRAMENTO – Senator Steve Glazer, D-Contra Costa, today unveiled the Senate Constitutional Amendment 5 to strengthen the influence of students on the University of California (UC) Board of Regents by adding a second voting student member to the Board.

Currently, the UC Board of Regents is composed of 26 members, but only one voting student regent, selected by the Board, represents the students for a one-year term. A second non-voting student regent also serves on the Board.

“Students are the ones who are directly affected by decisions that the UC Board of Regents make,” said Senator Glazer. “When budget decisions are made, student fee increases are discussed and other educational policies are established, it's critical that they are given a stronger voice to have an impact on what the Board decides.

“Students bring diverse experiences and special perspectives to the table,” Senator Glazer added. “They are uniquely positioned to offer the Board day-to-day feedback from their universities. They know how their institutions function in many important places. A second voting student regent amplifies the important student perspective in Board of Regents’ decisions.”

The amendment is being championed by the UC Student Regent and the UC Student Designate, and its principal support comes from the UC Student Association. It would take effect if approved by the Legislature and a vote of the people.

“Having a stronger student voice at the highest levels of University governance is vital to effectuating an equitable future for public higher education. Expanding the voting power of students on the board is aligned with UC values, and will hasten that more equitable future,” said Jamaal Muwwakkil the UC student regent.

“Every student is an expert in what it means to be a student and how to enhance our universities to become champions of equity. Extending a second voting power for students on a board that decides the fate of over 285,000 students is vital to ensure we live out the values we hold as the University of California,” said Alexis Zaragoz, the UC student regent designate.

“As the UC Student Association celebrates the 50th anniversary of our organization and the legacy of our student movement, we reflect on the transformative power of student representation in our institution,” said Josh Lewis, the Government Relations Chair for the UC Student Association. “We thank Senator Glazer for the introduction of SCA 5 and are excited for the opportunity to advance student representation and enhance the voice of our University's student population as we prepare to carry on our mission of equity and access into the next 50 years.”