Experts Weigh In On Longitudinal Data

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Sen. Steve Glazer, D-Orinda, chaired a Senate Select Committee on Student Success in August. The topic: Longitudinal Data, or gathering relevant data on students from Pre-K through the end of college and into the workforce as a means of determining what is working in our educational systems and what isn't.

The guests were:

  • Colleen Moore, Education Insights Center, who provided an overview on the need for longitudinal data systems in California;
  • Allison Bell, Campaign for College Opportunity, who spoke of collaborating with outside organizations to collect data and execute longitudinal data systems;
  • Howard Welinsky, former chair for California Postsecondary Education Commission, who discussed the role a CPEC-style agency can play in creating and managing longitudinal data.
  • Michael Bernick, Milken Institute Fellow; former director of the Employment Development Department, who discussed what could be achieved through workforce tracking.
  • Erin Gabel, First 5 California, who discussed pilot plans and projections for how early learning would fit into longitudinal data systems.
  • And representatives from the Department of Education, California Community Colleges, the University of California and California State university, who shared their views on implementation of longitudinal data systems, including hurdles that may have to be overcome and whether upcoming changes in California’s political climate can help
  • Paula Mishima, California Department of Education;
  • Laura Metune, California Community Colleges;
  • Pamela Brown, University of California;
  • Nathan Evans, California State University;