2017 Legislative Package

SB 60 (Glazer) – Beverage Recycling Container Program – This bill would provide immediate and temporary relief to California’s retailers and grocers by simply pressing “pause” on sanctions resulting from the January 2016 recycling center closures.

SB 274 (Glazer) - Horse Racing Fair License Fees – This bill would streamline the handle allocation process by allowing California Department of Food and Agriculture to remit funds directly to a fair conducting live racing or joint powers authority involved in live racing.

SB 280 (Glazer) – Gambling Control Commission Online Posting of Votes – This bill would require the commission to also post a public record of every vote on its Internet Web site no later than 2 business days after the meeting at which the vote was taken. To be used for the Morongo Compact.

SB 346 (Glazer) – Computer Science for All Cleanup – This bill would expand the discretion of the State Board of Education and resolve the technical issues relating to appointments to and staffing of the advisory panel in response to Governor Brown’s signing message of last year’s AB 2329 (Bonilla).

SB 386 (Glazer) – Smoking Ban in State Beaches and Parks – This bill would prohibit the use of smoking products of any kind at state beaches and parks to protect the environment and public health.

SB 452 (Glazer) – Cyberattack State of Emergency – This bill would include cyberattacks within the conditions that constitute a state of emergency and local emergency.

SB 483 (Glazer and Allen) – Higher Education Facilities Bond Act of 2018 – This bill would authorize $2 billion for facilities at the UC and CSU, the first such bond in 10 years. Without this, families and students will be forced to pay higher fees and tuition for new construction.

SB 537 (Glazer) – Bureau of Forensic Services Funding – This bill would find a sustainable funding source for the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Forensic Science (BFS). The BFS, whose funding is calculated by the number of people in county jails, has seen its funding drop dramatically after the passage of Prop 47.

SB 558 (Glazer) – Rain Water Capture System New Construction Property Tax Exclusion – This bill would exclude from classification as “newly constructed” and “new construction” the construction or addition, on or after January 1, 2018, of a rain water capture system.

SB 578 (Glazer) – Vasco Road Double Fine Zone – This bill would re-establish a Safety Enhancement-Double Fine Zone on a segment of Vasco Road between the State Highway Route 580 junction in Alameda County and the Marsh Creek Road intersection in Contra Costa County upon the approval of the boards of supervisors of Alameda County and Contra Costa County.

SB 603 (Glazer) – Continuous BART Operations – This bill would prohibit BART from entering into agreements that would limit its ability to prepare for a work stoppage or operate during a work stoppage.

SB 604 (Glazer) – BART Strike Prohibition – This bill would prohibit BART workers from striking as long as management keeps honoring a collective bargaining agreement’s financial terms after it expires and workers’ wages and benefits continue under existing contract with a no-strike clause.

SB 650 (Glazer) – Temporary Alcoholic Beverage Licensee Clarification – This bill would make clear that, except as otherwise provided, a retail licensee shall not, directly or indirectly, give, sell, or furnish any alcoholic beverages to the temporary licensee.

SB 664 (Glazer) – Designated Driver Program – This bill would require that the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control post the designated driver program information sheet, as prepared by the California Highway Patrol, on its Internet Web site.

SB 685 (Glazer) – California Horse Racing Board Online Posting of Votes – This bill would require the board to post the record of its vote on its Internet Web site within 48 hours of the vote.

SB 751 (Hill and Glazer) – School District Reserves – This bill would raise the existing budget reserve cap from 6% to 17% to allow for school districts to prepare for recessions.

SB 757 (Glazer) – Buyers of Sex – This bill would require buyers of sex, also known as “Johns,” to provide a buccal swab. This bill would also require Johns who engage with minors to register on the sex offender registration list.

SB 770 (Glazer) – Violent Felony Definition – This bill would define “violent” felonies to include human trafficking, domestic violence resulting in a traumatic condition, rape of an unconscious person, and other crimes with an element of violence.

SB 781 (Glazer) – DNA Evidence – This bill would restore DNA collection for felony crimes recently reduced to specified misdemeanors under Proposition 47.

SB 791 (Glazer) – Student Loan Disclosure – Spot

SB 803 (Glazer) – California Promise – This bill would freeze tuition and provides back-end waivers for any student who participates in the California Promise, a program aimed at increasing the 4-year graduation rate at the CSU.

SB 806 (Glazer) – Charter School Transparency – This bill would require charter schools to follow state public meeting and open records laws and certain conflict of interest provisions that already apply to non-profit corporations.

SCA 9 (Glazer) – Rain Water Capture System Property Tax Exclusion – This measure, if passed by the Legislature and approved by a majority of voters, would authorize the Legislature to exclude from classification as “newly constructed” the construction or addition, completed on or after January 1, 2018, of a rain water capture system.

SR 20 (Glazer) – Problem Gambling Awareness Month – This resolution would recognize the month of March 2017 as Problem Gambling Awareness Month in California and commends the agencies and organizations described above for their concerted effort to raise public awareness of problem gambling.