Senate District 07

SD 7 is based on nesting AD 14 and AD 16 and contains the majority of Contra Costa County, including the Highway 4 and I-680 corridors. This district blend allows for the reunification of communities along the Highway 4 corridor and joins them with the “LaMorinda” (Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda), San Ramon Valley, and Tri-Valley communities. The northern portion of the district joins many delta communities, while the central and southern portions link key Alameda & Contra Costa suburban communities with job centers. This district includes many regional parks and wilderness areas, and respects the natural geography of the East Bay Hills boundary.

Map of Senate District 07 (PDF)

Deferred Area of Senate District 7

Every 10 years after the US Census Data is released, the California Citizens Redistricting Commission draws new lines for representation that is reflective of the population changes. Senate districts have a unique issue that Assembly and Congressional districts do not have. Of the Senate districts established, only the even-numbered districts went into effect for the 2022 election cycle. The new odd-numbered districts will not go into effect until the 2024 election cycle. This means some members of the population do not have representation until 2024 when the next election cycle happens. These geographic areas are referred to as “deferred.” However, the Senate wants to ensure that anyone living in a deferred area is still represented by a California State Senator and therefore has been assigned a Senator to represent them until the next election occurs in 2 years.

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Senate District 7 Maps

The deferred area include the balance of Alameda County.

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2020 Census Population

Name Count Percent
Total Population 1,055,826 100.00%
Hispanic or Latino 234,281 22.19%
Not Hispanic or Latino (NH) 821,545 77.81%
NH Population of one race 761,246 72.10%
NH White alone 451,992 42.81%
NH Black or African American alone 62,642 5.93%
NH Asian alone 233,013 22.07%
NH American Indian and Alaska Native alone 2,462 0.23%
NH Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 4,710 0.45%
NH Some Other Race alone 6,427 0.61%
NH Population of two or more races 60,299 5.71%

Counties In District

Name Count Percent
Alameda 244,802 14.55%
Contra Costa 811,024 69.56%


Places In District

Name Count Percent
ALAMEDA: Dublin(C) 72,589 100.00%
ALAMEDA: Livermore(C) 87,955 100.00%
ALAMEDA: Pleasanton(C) 79,871 100.00%
ALAMEDA: Sunol(U) 922 100.00%
ALAMEDA: Remainder of Alameda(R) 3,465 82.68%
CONTRA COSTA: Acalanes Ridge(U) 1,285 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Alamo(U) 15,314 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Antioch(C) 115,291 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Bay Point(U) 23,896 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Bethel Island(U) 2,131 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Blackhawk(U) 9,637 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Brentwood(C) 64,292 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Byron(U) 1,140 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Camino Tassajara(U) 4,951 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Castle Hill(U) 1,271 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Clayton(C) 11,070 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Clyde(U) 729 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Concord(C) 125,403 99.99%
CONTRA COSTA: Contra Costa Centre(U) 6,808 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Danville(C) 43,582 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Diablo(U) 1,255 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Discovery Bay(U) 15,358 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Knightsen(U) 1,596 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Lafayette(C) 25,391 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Martinez(C) 0 0.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Moraga(C) 16,870 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Norris Canyon(U) 1,313 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: North Gate(U) 667 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Oakley(C) 43,357 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Orinda(C) 19,514 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Pacheco(U) 4,183 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Pittsburg(C) 76,416 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Pleasant Hill(C) 34 0.10%
CONTRA COSTA: Reliez Valley(U) 3,354 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: San Miguel(U) 3,591 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: San Ramon(C) 84,605 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Saranap(U) 5,830 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Shell Ridge(U) 1,014 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Walnut Creek(C) 70,127 100.00%
CONTRA COSTA: Remainder of Contra Costa(R) 9,749 92.65%