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SACRAMENTO – California Labor Commissioners have stood idly by as a massive backlog in wage theft cases piled up worth $63.9 million in lost wages to workers as its enforcement unit failed to enforce and collect wages in 76 percent of cases in which employers were found to owe wages, according to a report released Wednesday by Grant Parks, the California State Auditor.

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SACRAMENTO – Amid rising tensions on campuses, legislators will introduce a bill to prohibit violence, harassment, intimidation and discrimination from impeding free speech at institutions of higher education at a press conference today.

SACRAMENTO – The Senate Committee on Revenue and Taxation will explore taxes and tax credits as options to help lift failing California newsrooms out of their downward economic spiral in a hearing on Wednesday, March 13.

SACRAMENTO – A federal district court this week upheld Senator Steve Glazer’s Truth in Lending law in a summary judgment that declined to hear a lawsuit filed by a lender organization that argued the law did not apply to them.

State Senator Steve Glazer and Assemblymember Tim Grayson sent a joint letter to Governor Gavin Newsom today seeking assistance for the city of Antioch’s police force, decimated by years of FBI and local investigations.

The investigations into Antioch’s police ranks have eroded local officers’ ability to maintain public safety in the city, according to Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe in an interview on Senator Glazer’s Podcast, Table Talk.

Senator Glazer also spoke with California Highway Patrol Commissioner Sean Duryee about the public safety crisis and the request.

SACRAMENTO – Consumers will be able to make cancellations with a full refund, at no charge, up to 24 hours after they make a booking with hotels, short-term rentals and third-party booking services if they book at least 72 hours before their stay under a bill signed Tuesday by Governor Gavin Newsom.

Chief Justice Rose Elizabeth Bird’s historical contributions to California were formally recognized for the first time Thursday when the Assembly gave final approval to a resolution that names a portion of the State Capitol World Peace Rose Garden after her.

The dedication will be known as the “Chief Justice Rose Elizabeth Bird Justice for All Plaza,” located in the Peace Plaza of the Rose Garden.

SACRAMENTO – The Sacramento Superior Court today denied legal challenges to Senator Steve Glazer’s anti-corruption law that prohibits local elected officials from voting on matters from interest groups that have contributed $250 or more to that official.

“The court’s ruling rejected all claims by these special interest groups who fought to maintain their pay to play schemes,” Senator Glazer said. “It is a strike against the power of wealthy financial interests who are corrupting governmental decisions.